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Time Cards for EBS: Everything you need to know

Oracle Mobile Time cards for Oracle E-Business Suite empowers users to quickly capture time worked while on the go, with minimal data entry. Accelerate your productivity using Oracle Mobile Time cards for EBS.

Purpose of Time cards for EBS

Perform much needed functionality with little to no data entry through use of various features.

The following are the key features of the Oracle Mobile Maintenance for Oracle E-Business Suite application:

Employees and contractors can:

  • Capture time entries for Oracle Payroll and Oracle Projects applications
  • Submit, view, and enter timecards while on the go
  • Enter timecards in Quick Time or Regular Time modes
  • Aggregate day-wise entries into timecard periods
  • Use the support for repeating time entry for multiple days feature
  • Ability to copy timecards

Customizations Possible:

  1. Logo changes
  2. Splash Screen changes
  3. Hide fields
  4. EULA changes

Required Patches:

  • R12.1.3 HR Container patch: 26728771:R12.HR_PF.B
  • R12.2.3 HR Container patch: 26728887:R12.HR_PF.C

Post-Install Patches:

Release 12.1.3:

  • Patch 27678444 – Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release 8.0 Online Help
  • Patch 28278350:R12.OWF.B

Release 12.2:

  • Patch 27678444 – Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release 8.0 Online Help
  • Patch 28278350:R12.OWF.C

Algarytm’s Value Addition to Timecards App:

Do you need more from the Timecards App? We do provide custom application development services. Check with us for a customized version of Timecards app with better user interface and a lot more details. The customizations possible with our apps are almost anything. You can add an extra field, change the complete UI, add additional buttons, details and so on.

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