Xamarin is a Microsoft owned mobile app platform for developing cross-platform native mobile apps with a single code base. Algarytm has extensive experience in developing apps on the Xamarin platform and has leveraged it for several of our Google Award winning apps.

Xamarin Strategy

Xamarin Algarytm

If user experience is crucial for your organization and you want to leverage all the major native platforms – iOS, Android and Windows – Xamarin is the best solution. Contact us to learn which apps are best supported by Xamarin, and which business contexts Xamarin is a great fit for, including internal, external, B2C commerce, and customer interfacing.

Xamarin Development and Support

We help you build consumer-grade native apps with the Xamarin platform. Our services are comprehensive, from strategy, design, architecture, development, cloud testing, app distribution, app store publishing, to UX (user experience) measurement and 24/7 product support.

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