Smart Life Saver

Smart Life Saver

“Stock the Right Inventory at the Right Time in an Industry Driven by Emergency Orders”

A common problem in healthcare Industry is determining existing inventory in a timely manner. It is much easier to match the demand with the true supply levels to fulfill customer orders if the information is readily available. Our Smart Life Saver mobile app was developed to map medical device inventory to physical locations to ensure accurate, real-time visibility of those products. Our app allows the nearest sales rep to pick up the product, delivery it, and then update the inventory through your ERP system with ease. It’s also designed to help reduce inventory levels while ensuring you stock the right items at the right time.

Technology Features

• Seamless Integration with ERP system for better visibility.
• Supports iOS, Android and Windows
• Secure online and offline access
• Real-time physical location and distance displayed for sales reps
• Locations optimized with Google’s Route Optimization algorithm
• Uses standard SAP master data, with no data duplication
• Improve productivity with a user-friendly native app

Business Benefits

• Optimise your Inventory process with enhanced stock visibility
• Track multiple medical device requests to forecast demand
• Source products from the closest reps to save time
• Close additional sales with the time saved
• Reduce the backorder , delivery lead time in medical emergencies
• Boost customer satisfaction and build trust

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