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Design Thinking Workshop

IT Executive’s Guide to Design Thinking

by Raj Peddisetty

“Design thinking helps you seek a balance between: intuition and analytics, exploration and exploitation, reliability and validity, and art and science” – Roger Martin

Proliferation of mobile devices and the need for presenting complex information on a small screen have accentuated the importance of design & Design Thinking in every software application. Understanding the benefits of design thinking, IT teams are embracing it to outbeat competition. In this Design Thinking workshop, understand

  • Value of Design
  • The five phases of Design Thinking
  • How to improve business performance with design
  • How to present complex information on small devices
  • How Airbnb, Hyatt solved complex problems using Design Thinking

“Google and Apple have incorporated UX design as a center piece of their successes. As per IEEE, up to 15% of IT projects are abandoned and developers spend approximately 50% of their time on rework”


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Design Thinking Whitepaper

Understand Design Thinking methodology, principles and see how companies such as Airbnb, Hyatt have applied design thinking to solve complex problems and to innovate business processes.

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Raj Peddisetty is the Chief Digital Architect at Algarytm. Raj is a seasoned practitioner of Design Thinking, User Experience in Mobile, Ecommerce, Cloud, and Marketing automation. Raj brings 11 years of experience in SAP, Oracle for industries ranging from Wholesale, Retail to Manufacturing and Healthcare. Raj has helped global business transformation projects for Fortune 500 clients such as Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, The Dow Chemical Company, Colgate-Palmolive, National Gypsum, Medtronic, The Patterson Companies, Harland Clarke. Raj has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and is certified in Design Thinking by IDEO.

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