Oracle Soar

Oracle Soar is an upgrade tool to automate on-premise Oracle ERP migration to the Cloud. Oracle Soar was introduced by Larry Ellison, CTO & Chairman of Oracle. Oracle believes that Soar can reduce time & migration costs by upto 30% percent. True Cloud Method, Oracle’s proprietary approach to support customers throughout the journey to the cloud, powers the automation process. This process is guided by a dedicated Oracle concierge service to help ensure a rapid and

predictable upgrade that aligns with modern, industry best practices. Oracle Soar is available for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft & Hyperion customers planning to migrate to ERP Cloud. Oracle Soar includes four tools for migration. They are discovery assessment, process analyzer, automated data and configuration migration utilities, and rapid integration tools. Customers can keep the upgrade on-track by monitoring the status of their cloud transition via an intuitive mobile application, which features a step-by-step implementation guide indicating exactly what needs to be done each day. Oracle is investing in the development of Soar to make the tool available for customers migrating to HCM Cloud. HCM Cloud and ERP Cloud products are well established and functionally deep.

Oracle SoarOracle SoarOracle Soar

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