Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is a trend in work culture where in enterprises allow employees to take advantage of mobile technologies to perform work related tasks from anywhere anytime. The term typically refers to the use of mobile apps and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for work purposes. Enterprise mobility brings in improved productivity, compliance benefits, work flexibility and employee job satisfaction. Companies adapt an enterprise mobile strategy to allow employees to take advantage of mobile devices. Common Enterprise strategies include BYOD and COPE. The main difference between the two lies in the owenership of devices. the BYOD Strategy, Employees own the devices bring the devices for work purposes. This strategy lowers the investment costs on enterprises. In COPE, enterprises own the devices and allows employees to use the devices for work and personal purposes. COPE lowers down the risk of breach of data and eases device management. Know the Industry insights on Enterprise Mobility.

An enterprise app from the employee point-of-view is, “something that helps get work done quickly and efficiently. “That’s precisely what mobile apps are for – to simplify and speed up work

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