Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Enterprise Mobile Strategy is important for the businesses because Mobile is the future way of people do business. With the organizations understanding the value of mobility, they are chalking out enterprise mobile strategies. So, What is an Enterprise Mobile Strategy? Enterprise mobile strategy is an objective oriented plan of action designed to leverage the use of Mobile Technologies such as Phones, Apps, IoT, Cloud etc. by mapping it with the values, priorities and overall strategy of the business organization to improve efficiency and productivity of employees. Two popular Mobile strategies are BYOD and COPE. Their difference lies in the ownership of devices by employee or Corporate. Mobile enablement redefines the way business is done by disrupting the legacy processes and helps in real-time decision making. And today’s mobile strategy is no longer just about mobile phones and mobile apps but  should cover devices, technologies or machines that are mobile and connected.

Common areas Enterprise Mobile strategy covers are

  • identifying the user needs,
  • creating policies for mobile devices,
  • mobile maturity assessment,
  • security, Costs
  • Mobile Governance policies, User experience
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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In our conversations with many of the organizations, we realize businesses understand the value of mobility but do not know where to begin.

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