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Building Custom Mobile Apps for Oracle EBS

Oracle introduced mobile apps for EBS in the mid of 2014 and its plans to release mobile apps for 200 product modules spanning Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resources, and many other areas. These mobile apps for the E-Business Suite were built using Oracle Mobile Application Framework, which allows developer to write a single set of code for applications to run on Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Available Standard mobile apps for Oracle EBS are:

Mobile ERP Applications
  1. Approvals for EBS
  2. MSCA for EBS
  3. Timecards for EBS
  4. Inventory  for EBS
  5. Self Service HR for EBS
  6. Learning for EBS
  7. Maintenance for EBS
  8. Person Directory for EBS
  9. iProcurement for EBS
  10. Procurement for EBS
  11. Sales Orders for EBS
  12. Discrete Prod Supply for EBS
  13. Project Manager
  14. Product Info for EBS
  15. Process Prod Supervisor EBS
  16. Project Manufacturing for EBS
  17. Discrete Quality Manager for EBS
  18. Service Manager for EBS
  19. Process Quality Manager for EBS
  20. Yard for EBS
  21. Oracle Mobile Field Service

These apps are available on iOS App Store & Android’s Play Store. Getting these apps running requires EBS specific and app specific patches to be installed on the EBS and certain other steps to be followed. Oracle ensured continuous support for these applications and added several functionalities to the apps since 2014.  However, these are standard functionalities that every user need. As of now, Oracle allows only a few customizations that can be performed on the mobile apps.

Changes to

  1. App Logos & Brandings
  2. Splash Screens
  3. End User License Agreements
  4. Hiding Fields

As one can observe, the customizations are limited. So extending / customizing mobile app, mashing up data from multiple sources is near to impossible. However in reality, each EBS user is different and needs custom details to perform transactions. In addition these apps are not fully tested to work with EBS and either throw errors or logout automatically. So these standard applications will not be really helpful to these users and they need a custom application to suit their requirements.

Custom Mobile Apps

Building an application from scratch level is a cumbersome task. It requires a lot of time and expertise in understanding the mobile technologies and bringing the best of mobile and enterprise worlds. Oracle makes it easy for its customers to develop custom mobile apps through detailed documentation and mobile app administrator’s guides. Algarytm goes an extra mile by developing custom mobile applications using the standard REST API’s developed by Oracle & custom API’s developed by Algarytm to create custom mobile applications. with custom solutions, sky is the limit for enterprise users as the solutions not only can solve mobility problems but also bring ERP into your pockets.


  1. User Experience designed to meet your end user needs. Algarytm performs multiple user experience tests to beta users to make improvements and improve the user experience before the solution is rolled out to Production.
  2. Perform Pretty much Everything. Smartphone is the new computer. One can operate any internet connected devices using smartphones. Whether you need to print documents such as pdfs and jpg, scan barcodes or live track the delivery of your order, you just need to tap the right button.
  3. Get details that are needed to take the right decision.
  4. Personalize your app and improve your enterprise’s branding and reputation.

Here are some of the customized screens developed by Algarytm using Open Source Hybrid Ionic App Development Framework.

Approval Screens

Purchase order mobile App Smart PO ApprovalMobile apps for oracle e-business suite















(Customizations added: Functionality related to workflow participants is added in the application. This feature is not available in the standard Oracle mobile approvals.)

App Development & Customization Services

Algarytm offers end to end mobile application services ranging from mobile strategy to application development & customization services to deployment and support. Click here to know more about our applications for Oracle users. If you are interested in having a customized mobile applications for Oracle ERP, please fill the form and we will get in touch with you.

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