Smart Move Order


Material availability in proper /right sub-inventory is a mandatory requirement for picker /material planner to move the items to fulfill the demand and supply. And accessing Oracle EBS is not convenient in the warehouse. Ensure the material availability with Move order app for sub inventory transfer or an account issue. 

Smart Move Order App Features

  • Users can generate Pick slips through move order.
  • Move orders can be created manually or automatically through planning applications. This mobile app transacts move order.
  • Allows the User to scan the barcode of Transferring materials from Source Sub Inventory to Destination Sub Inventory with your Current organization by performing Move Order.
  • App allows planners to request the movement of material within the warehouse or facility for replenishment, material storage relocations and quality handling, etc
  • Directs the user to select Destination Locators
  • Directs the User to Select Lot or Serial Controllers
  • Directs the user to scan or enter the Allocated Quantity

Solution Environment

  • OracleEBS INV, Oracle SOA
  • Phone, Tablet and Desktop
  • Hybrid application built using Ionic Framework
  • Certified by Oracle

Business Benefits

  • Make decisions in real-time
  • Financial compliance
  • Reduce risks
  • Maintain Inventory Balance
  • Lower processing costs
  • Improved productivity

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