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Manage supply and demand, plan production, and maintain high service levels

Accurate system on-hand quantities are essential to ensure right products are available in right quantities in right times. With Mobile Cycle Counts App, Companies can select inventory categorization methods such as ABC Counts for counting inventory, raise requests for periodic counting, count inventory in online or offline mode and control inventory.


  • Count inventory for a specified cycle count, material number, and location within a plant.
  • Works with both Physical Inventory and Warehouse inventory.
  • Cycle counting instead of taking complete physical inventories
  • Generate daily, weekly, or period count requests and lists based on your schedule cycle count for the organization or sub-inventory level
  • Works in both online and offline mode.


  • OracleEBS INV, Oracle SOA
  • Phone, Tablet and Desktop
  • Hybrid application built using Ionic Framework
  • Certified by Oracle


  • Accelerated decision making
  • Build trust and loyalty w/ employees
  • Reduce manual processing costs, errors, time lag
  • Maintain inventory control & accuracy
  • Streamlined processes.

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