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Approvals play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of a business. Despite their importance, the applications that power approvals are often complex and difficult to access. Approval workflows are often tied up with in-office workstations and can’t be accessed from anywhere else. This is the challenge that needs to be solved. And, we did. We created a suite of sophisticated Oracle mobile approvals solutions that enable anytime, anywhere access to Oracle EBS/ Fusion Cloud workflows from mobile devices.

By using Algarytm’s mobile approval apps, enterprises can hope to optimize spend management and strengthen business compliance. Are approvals causing significant operational drag for your enterprise? It’s time you take your approvals mobile.

Oracle Cloud

Integrated w/ Oracle Cloud


Better User Experience

Improves Productivity of Employees


Buyers need to respond to fast changing supply chain requirements. Any delay in approvals impact the bottom line of any enterprise. Also, decision makers and managers who are responsible for performing approvals are busy and do not always sit in front of systems to perform approvals, causing unnecessary delays and inefficient functioning of business . Using Algarytm’s Mobile Approvals Apps, decision makers can take decisions such as approve, reject or forward in real-time from anywhere.

Oracle Certified Mobile Apps

Take real-time decisions on the go

Works W/ Oracle EBS  & Fusion Cloud

Quick Deployment – less than 2 weeks

Supports Cloud & Non-Cloud Deployment

Hybrid Apps built using Ionic


Get the Apps for Free

Algarytm offers turn-key mobile solutions for every use case. All the licenses of these apps are free. We charge for deployment services only. To experience the apps, click on the download button.

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“Do more with less Effort”

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