Thought Leadership articles on Mobility and Digital Transformation across industries.

Essentials for Enterprise Mobile Strategy DigitalTransformation-MobileApps-Algarytm

Essential Elements to Consider for Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Mobile is transforming the way businesses work. Realising the benefits of mobile apps and devices, companies are adapting to mobility faster than ever. Here are some of the elements that every company must consider before drafting an enterprise mobile strategy. App Development Technologies Developers have the option to build apps using Native or web-based technologies.…

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Enterprise Mobility

Why Embrace Enterprise Mobility?

While no longer a brand-new buzz word, “Enterprise Mobility” is the need of the hour among established enterprises across industries. For those who are new to this term, Enterprise Mobility is a trend in work culture where in enterprises allow employees to take advantage of mobile technologies to perform work related tasks from anywhere anytime.…

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Sub Inventory Transfer Direct Org Transfer

Avoid Inventory Shortages with Inventory Mobile Apps for Oracle EBS

Customers want their product to be delivered faster otherwise they look out for alternatives. So every organization strives to reduce the lead time by optimizing inventory management but faces challenges with the non-availability of real time data and lag in inventory transfers to the right location. When companies manage inventory across warehouses, it is extremely…

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Mobile conferences

Must Attend Mobile Conferences in 2018

With companies understanding the benefits of mobile apps, Businesses are staying up-to-date on the latest trends in mobile technology space by attending mobile Conferences and events. For the interest of our readers, we would like to present some of the best conferences that are worth attending in 2018. (Dates are mentioned for the announcements events.)…

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Mobile Benefits WholeSale Industry

Mobile Transformation Benefits In Wholesale Industry

Why Mobility in Wholesale Distribution Industry? Where do distributors can use mobility and transform their business. In this article, we outline 10 ways where you could use the modern smart phones and tablets that connects to Oracle systems in real-time. Some of the benefits are: Reduce hardware costs, connect in real-time, improve decision making process,…

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Purchase Order Approval

3 Reasons To Mobilize Your PO Approval Process

Purchasing managers want to ensure that there are no bottlenecks in the procurement process. However, they are busy and don’t have access to legacy ERPs such as Oracle EBS all the time for performing purchase order approval. Even if they have, working with such ERPs to review the purchase order and approve it results in longer…

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Essentials for Enterprise Mobile Strategy DigitalTransformation-MobileApps-Algarytm

Deploy Enterprise Mobile Apps in Economical Way

Apps are undoubtedly an indispensable part of our life. With the dependence on apps and smartphones for personal tasks, tech-savvy organizations are turning this into an opportunity by exploring ways to deploy apps and to make employees more productive. If you or your company is planning to develop enterprise mobile apps in the most economical…

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mobile cycle counts Smart Cycle Counts for Oracle EBS

Make Product Count less painful with Smart Cycle Counts App for Oracle EBS

Massive companies dealing with inventories face struggles managing and controlling inventory. These can be a misplacement of parts across sections, movement of products without approvals or disappearance of parts leaving no clues behind. Not having real-time inventory data adversely affects the organization’s performance. Most companies address these issues by performing audit checks and reconciling recorded…

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Mobilize your enterprise with Capriza micro apps

Mobilize your enterprise with Micro Apps | Capriza

Enterprise Mobile apps are changing the way key business perform and manage functions. They lend enterprise business processes the speed and agility that’s often missing in desktop applications. Studies have shown that use of B2E mobile apps improves productivity and job satisfaction, both of which help in employee retention. More importantly, millennials love working with…

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Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile App Development Trends to stay in 2018

The Year is about to get over and technology has transformed the way enterprises work. 2017 is vital for businesses and brought numerous changes in the enterprise landscape of technology. Enterprise Mobility Exchange reports that Cloud Computing and Mobile solutions have greatest impact on Digital transformation in 2017. However, according to a recent survey, 63% revealed…

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