Thought Leadership articles on Mobility and Digital Transformation across industries.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service MCS

Build Apps Faster with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS)

Mobile phones and apps blurred the boundaries between professional and private spaces and led the companies to provide smart phones and mobile apps to employees. When competitors implemented enterprise mobility and are reaping the benefits of mobile apps, other enterprises started searching for ways to rapidly build mobile apps and connect to back end systems.…

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Mobile Inventory Management Apps Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Algarytm’s Mobile Inventory Management apps for Oracle are listed on Oracle Cloud Market Place. These Oracle EBS mobile apps help businesses optimize inventory management in their warehouse. Personnel can capture data related to key warehousing activities like goods receipt, issue, cycle counts, etc., quickly and easily. The captured data gets automatically synced to…

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Manufacturing challenges without enterprise mobile apps mobile solutions

8 Challenges Manufacturing Organizations Could Solve with Enterprise Mobility

Today, the wide adoption of the mobile & Internet by businesses and consumers has provided new and more efficient ways to connect and made Companies in various industries to focus more on Enterprise mobility than ever before. When I mention enterprise mobility, its not just about Apps or design, its about productivity, business process transformation…

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Oracle Mobile App Approvals approval process

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Approvals?

NEED FOR MOBILE APP APPROVALS Manager approvals suck – you’re at your desk, trying to remember multiple passwords (SAP, Oracle, Workday, etc.), and never have all the information you need. So, you put it off and your direct reports, finance, and HR are hounding you for being the bottleneck. A typical manager works for 50…

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Enterprise Mobility industry Insights

State of Enterprise Mobility Insights

Enterprise mobility exchange has released a report on Enterprise Mobility Insights 2017: A Global Perspective. The report talks about technology trends in areas such as Mobility, IoT, Cloud and others, IT leaders’ top tech priorities, The significance of enterprise mobility and Where the future of business IT is headed. The report is supported with the research…

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Enterprise Mobile Applications Oracle Mobile approval Apps

EBS Approval Apps Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

We would like to announce that our Oracle EBS mobile approval apps are approved by Oracle and published on Oracle Market Place. These apps help enterprise business processes the speed and agility that’s often missing in desktop applications. Using Algarytm’s role based workflow apps, an enterprise user can execute his work functions while on the move.…

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Mobile compliance benefits

Modernizing Legacy IT For Large Enterprises

The enterprise landscape is highly distributed. Business is not confined to one office or one geography and important business decisions are often being made on-the-go. In this context, mobility ceases to remain a ‘nice to have’ element for organizations. It now becomes a ‘must have’, as executives need to collaborate, analyze, and lead teams from…

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Agile Supply Chain & Mobility

[ Agile Supply  Chain Diagram] In the globalized digital economy and information age, the customer expects the goods to be delivered within 24 hours, the customer’s expectation has increased remarkably, market conditions have drastically transformed and the volatility has become a new normal in the market. In current scenario supply chain is not just a…

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digitization and trends in supply chain

Digitization and Trends in Supply Chain

“It’s a wonderful time for supply chain professionals to stand up and become part of the corporate strategic agenda,” — Laurel Junk, chief supply chain and procurement officer at Kaiser Permanente. “Everything moves faster in digital economy” – CIO of a manufacturing company. The days are gone when the supply chain is just being involved…

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