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Thought Leadership articles on Mobility and Digital Transformation across industries.

[Report] Improving Supply Chain Efficiencies with Mobile Solutions

Companies aim for achieving supply chain efficiencies by reducing lead times and optimizing warehouse operations. One-way companies are ensuring supply chain efficiency is with mobile solutions. Panasonic recently released a report on improving supply chain efficiencies using mobile solutions. In its survey, 185 managers involved in the purchase and usage of mobile and wireless solutions…

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Mobile Speed Security Mobile Security and Speed

Does Mobile Security and Speed go hand in hand?

At the core of every enterprise mobile task is security and speed. Companies want to perform business activities faster without loss of data. Generally, it is hard for companies to achieve both. Companies have to sacrifice one thing or the other. In a recent survey by Verizon, 32% of respondents admitted that they have sacrificed…

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Barcode Scanners mobile supply chain

Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Management with Barcode Scanning Functionality

Material handlers in companies using Oracle ERP’s traditionally collect material data by scanning the barcodes. These scanners are used in warehouse areas, locations which are far from desktops. These Barcode scanners, wireless and wired, get the job done, but they are bulky and not easy to carry. Additionally, these barcode scanners only retrieve information to…

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BYOD VS COPE Comparison advantages byod & cope

Choosing between BYOD & COPE? Their Advantages & Disadvantages

Smartphones and tablets are invading businesses, disrupting work habits and blurring the boundaries between the professional and private spheres. While creating enterprise mobile strategies, Organizations need to consider some of the essential elements for implementing enterprise mobile strategy. Among the essential elements of enterprise mobile strategy, choosing the right business approach such as Bring Your…

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Xamarin VS Ionic VS UI5

Xamarin VS Ionic VS UI5

Native app developers use Java for Android, Swift/Objective-c for iOS and C# for windows to build same application for multiple platforms. This is a conventional app development, and organizations need to invest lots of money and time. Instead of writing the same piece of code twice/thrice, developers can use the single code generated by cross-platform…

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Essentials for Enterprise Mobile Strategy DigitalTransformation-MobileApps-Algarytm

Essential Elements to Consider for Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Mobile is transforming the way businesses work. Realising the benefits of mobile apps and devices, companies are adapting to mobility faster than ever. Here are some of the elements that every company must consider before drafting an enterprise mobile strategy. App Development Technologies Developers have the option to build apps using Native or web-based technologies.…

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Enterprise Mobility

Why Embrace Enterprise Mobility?

While no longer a brand-new buzz word, “Enterprise Mobility” is the need of the hour among established enterprises across industries. For those who are new to this term, Enterprise Mobility is a trend in work culture where in enterprises allow employees to take advantage of mobile technologies to perform work related tasks from anywhere anytime.…

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Sub Inventory Transfer Direct Org Transfer

Avoid Inventory Shortages with Inventory Mobile Apps for Oracle EBS

Customers want their product to be delivered faster otherwise they look out for alternatives. So every organization strives to reduce the lead time by optimizing inventory management but faces challenges with the non-availability of real time data and lag in inventory transfers to the right location. When companies manage inventory across warehouses, it is extremely…

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Oracle E-Business Suite EBS

The Future of Oracle EBS

Companies have invested large amounts of time and money installing Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS). However, Oracle’s announcement to focus primarily on Fusion Cloud made Oracle EBS users tense until Oracle released a roadmap supporting EBS atleast till 2030. In a recent research by gartner on “What Oracle ERP Customers Need to Know About Oracle…

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Mobile conferences

Must Attend Mobile Conferences in 2018

With companies understanding the benefits of mobile apps, Businesses are staying up-to-date on the latest trends in mobile technology space by attending mobile Conferences and events. For the interest of our readers, we would like to present some of the best conferences that are worth attending in 2018. (Dates are mentioned for the announcements events.)…

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